Optimized performance: up to 8x faster than the rest

SSD Server with special configuration for your WordPress & Web Application.
Get complete solution, and not just hosting.
You can find site hosting everywhere, offering cheap price with so-so service, without understanding your needs.
In CloudGaruda, we believe that your business growth is our ultimate goal, and you should focus solely on your business. We give you complete solution without hassle, that’s where we can add value. Are you keen?

You let us know how many websites that you have, we will optimize them for you.

You don’t need to worry about different packages with their technical jargons: Hard disk, RAM, vCPU, Bandwidth, Email, MySQL quota, etc. Just launch your websites in our hosting, and we will ensure necessary resources to keep your websites up & running. Focus on your business, and let us handle your websites.


SGD 16.00

/monthly per website

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Website performance analysis
Web optimization
Website migration



Unlimited SSL/TLS certificate
Official email accounts
Apply for Google Suite for Nonprofits
Apply for Google Suite for Work



24/7 technical enquiries
Google Adwords
Facebook Ads
Your digital project

Quick access. Easy to use. Great performance.

With uptime 99.9%, enjoy cloud computing service with 100% SSD (Solid-State Disk), 10Gbps network, and high specs of CPU.
HTTP/2 Optimized Hosting
We understand how frustrating it is, when websites are slow. You may potentially lose your business. Perhaps you have tried several hosting providers with same results? Let’s see how CloudGaruda can make a difference.

GarudaMax Service

Hi-Performance Virtual Server
You may recently start to launch websites, or you have been running complex system, GarudaNode is designed with highest computing performance, best hardware, and fastest network.

GarudaNode Service

Domain + SSL (Gratis)
Choose the right domain for your websites. We provide industry-standard certificate X.509 for SSL/TLS, this is for free.

Domain & SSL

Comprehensive Services
Not only mere products & services, you will get solution. This is how we are different. Let us handle all your A to Z websites matter. Consider it as done.

Add-on Services

Butuh server sekaligus tim pengelola terdedikasi untuk website & aplikasi skala medium dan besar? Tidak perlu kuatir.

Get GarudaMax, get access to all your complete benefits to start your business digitalization.


SGD 16/month per website

  • ✔️ Native SSD Server
  • ✔️ Up to 40Gbps Network
  • ✔️ Scale as you grow**
  • ✔️ Fast Intel E5 Processor
  • ✔️ Fast DNS resolution
  • ✔️ Technical support via Chat/Ticket/Email, 24/7.
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En-Landing layananTermasuk:

  • Free

  • Web performance analysis
  • Web optimization (compression, server-side caching, minification, enqueueing, image compression, etc.)
  • Website & Database migration
  • Setup domain/DNS record
  • Troubleshooting
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En-Landing fiturTermasuk:

  • Free

  • SSL/TLS Certificate industry-standard X.509
  • Control panel to manage files, databases, and domain
  • Top-notch server configuration server
    We are not limited with the authoritarian cPanel or Plesk requirement
  • Security protection with firewall, IP blocking, server patch & only enabling SFTP (No FTP or FTP SSL/TLS)
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En-Landing konsultasiTermasuk:

  • Free

  • Konsultasi iklan Google Adwords. Dapatkan informasi & rekomendasi dari rekan Googlers atau personil tersertifikasi bagi Anda yang ingin beriklan di mesin pencari, display network, atau Youtube. Tanya apa saja.
  • Konsultasi Facebook Ads. Diskusikan dan dapatkan rekomendasi kami untuk iklan Facebook yang efektif. Tidak hanya teknis pembuatan iklan, namun juga saran terkait target audiens yang cocok dengan bisnis atau konten komunikasi Anda.
  • Bantuan apply Google Apps. Manfaatkan kecanggihan Google untuk organisasi Anda, baik bisnis (Google for Work), nirlaba (Google for Nonprofits), atau institusi pendidikan (Google for Edu). Kami bantu proses pengajuan, konsultasi, konfigurasi domain, dan bantuan setup sampai selesai.
  • Konsultasi rencana/proyek digital. Anda memiliki bisnis atau ide proyek yang membutuhkan peran digital, namun tidak tahu apa langkah pertamanya, siapa yang harus dicari, dsb? Tim berpengalaman kami akan mendengar, serta memberi rekomendasi & gambaran kepada Anda, kemudian menghubungkan Anda ke entitas lain yang dapat membantu. Realisasikan segera.

GarudaNode® – fast server & dedicated team to handle your website with medium-to-large scale.

RAM CPU Storage Transfer Network In Network Out Akun Email Harga (per bulan)
GarudaNode 2GB 2 GB 1 Core 24 GB SSD 2 TB 40 Gbps 125 Mbps 50 SGD 29
GarudaNode 4GB 4 GB 2 Cores 48 GB SSD 3 TB 40 Gbps 250 Mbps 50 SGD 56
GarudaNode 8GB 8 GB 4 Cores 96 GB SSD 4 TB 40 Gbps 500 Mbps 50 SGD 110
GarudaNode 12GB 12 GB 6 Cores 192 GB SSD 8 TB 40 Gbps 1000 Mbps 50 SGD 220
GarudaNode 24GB 24 GB 8 Cores 384 GB SSD 16 TB 40 Gbps 2000 Mbps 50 SGD 440
GarudaNode 48GB 48 GB 12 Cores 768 GB SSD 20 TB 40 Gbps 4000 Mbps 50 SGD 848
GarudaNode 64GB 64 GB 16 Cores 1152 GB SSD 20 TB 40 Gbps 6000 Mbps 50 SGD 1140
GarudaNode 80GB 80 GB 20 Cores 1536 GB SSD 20 TB 40 Gbps 8000 Mbps 50 SGD 1428
GarudaNode 120GB 120 GB 20 Cores 1920 GB SSD 20 TB 40 Gbps 10000 Mbps 50 SGD 2150

GarudaNode® service is fully managed by CloudGaruda team. You will get direct access to our free services as we provide for GarudaMax® package, and including all your customized needs. Very suitable for large & resources-heavy application, such as live streaming, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) program, e-commerce sites, or mobile app servers. Chat us now.